Pasta Pete's Apple Pie

So OK, we all have apple pie recipes and this is probably no barn burner; but it does have a few unique features.


  • Ten medium sized Granny Smith Apples
  • A Cup of Real Lemon, lemon juice
  • One Cup of Baker's Sugar
  • 3 Table Spoon's of Cinnamon
  • A dash Nutmeg
  • Two Marie Calendar's Pre-Engineered Pie Crusts
  • A bit of butter to grease the baking dish
  • A small hand full of flour to coat the bottom of the glass baking dish (size 9X15 inches)

The unique feature of my pie is that it is cooked in a baking dish and only has a top crust.




Start by peeling each apple, cutting in half and removing the cores. Once that is done slice each half so that the slices are about 1/8 inch thick and then cut the half in quarters. Using a large mixing bowl place the cut apple slice in the bowl and douse with a bit of lemon juice. This prevents the slices from turning brown from oxidation.


Proceed by adding all 10 Granny Smith apples. Then add the cup of sugar and the spices. Next turn the mixture over so all the apples are coated with the lemon juice, sugar and spices.


Next is the preparation of the baking dish. Start by taking a small slice of butter and coat the bottom and sides of the 9X15 glass baking dish. Then with a small amount of flour dust the bottom of the dish. Next add the apple mixture and smooth it out so that there is equal distribution of product in the dish.


About a half hour before this setup, I removed the two Marie Calendar Pre-Engineered pie crusts from the freezer. During this time the crusts thawed and can be molded on to the top of the apples. BUT... I did add about a half dozen of thin slices of butter on top of the apple mixture.


In the next series of steps the oven is preheated to 425 F and when at temperature, I fitted the two crusts on top of the apple mixture. Because they are thawed they can be molded so that they cover the 9X15 area.


Bake the pie a 425F for 15 minutes then reduce the heat to 350F for about 45 minutes.

Note I placed a sheet of foil on my aluminum cookie sheet so any ooze from the pie is trapped on the foil not the cookie sheet-- A TKT (Tribal Knowledge Tip) .


Pasta Pete Strikes Again!